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Maria Elena is a petite sexy girl from Venezuela. She was born in Puerto De la Cruz, a picturesque coastal town that lies by The Caribbean with scenic sandy bays and pristine turquoise waters.

Maria Elena is a young student who has taken time off from school to have fun. She loves to go to the beach and dress casually. She is passionate, sexy & certainly not shy. Like her hometown, her entire look is evidence of traditional Caribbean traits with a strong Spanish influence. She has blue eyes, fair-tanned skin, endless firm legs, and a saucy bottom to match. Her big round breasts are also hard to miss.

This attractive lady is full of loving affection, and you are guaranteed to be entertained in the most agreeable, lighthearted & uncomplicated manner.

This doll is made of the highest quality TPE material, developed after years of research, perfectly safe for human use, highly durable, and very similar to human flesh in softness and firmness. A metal skeleton provides support and the ability to adopt any human posture.
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Maria Elena

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