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Nadia is a petite sensual girl from Cordoba, Argentina.

After a few years of living in the US, she returned to her country, where she lives now, working for a known vineyard in Mendoza as Sales Manager.

Nadia has always been attracted by men from other countries. She says that she has the perfect life in Mendoza but wouldn’t mind moving out if she finds the right man, a true gentleman who knows how to treat a high-caliber passionate, educated woman. She promises to indulge you in the perfect package that guarantees happiness and love to the extent of ever wanting more, just like two teenagers who find love for the first time.

However, Nadia is not possessive and will always give you your space; “no strings attached”, she says, “love is based on mutual trust and freedom”.

This South American sexy artificial companion can be your true partner for life; a Latin American soul, sexy curves, and a Spanish-Hungarian heritage, an interesting mix resulting from the different migration waves from Europe to Argentina during the 20th century.

This Argentinian sex doll is made of the highest quality TPE material, developed after years of research, perfectly safe for human use, highly durable, and very similar to human flesh in softness and firmness. A metal skeleton provides support and the ability to adopt any human posture.
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