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Nadine has no mental limits; she doesn’t know the meaning of the word taboo. Do you have a fantasy you want to make come true? She knows exactly how to make you happy, and on top of that, she will even add some creative, kinky ideas. This sexy artificial companion has an incredible talent for every aspect of sex, especially BBJs.

If you are looking for someone special, not too tall, not too short, with a perfect body, a cute face, slim with some curves, and you like brunettes, look no further; Nadine is that mix between the girl next door and the girlfriend of your secret dreams. She is hot in every aspect.

What could be better than spending a wonderful erotic night with a sexy synthetic companion like Nadine? Nothing! No danger, no hassle, no obligations, no need for pick-up lines, and best: no strings attached… That’s why she is so perfect for you; the best thing to do right now is to realize and order. You’ll soon be having all the fun with her while others just keep fantasizing.


- Realistic French sex doll.
- Replica of a real model’s body and face by processing her computerized volumetric data.
- Head and body manufactured in soft silicone.
- Realistic mouth + movable jaw.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Detailed skin with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and makeup.
- Implanted hair on the scalp.
- Implanted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- Gel-filled breasts.
- Skin tone as shown in pictures.
- Moaning sound.
- Random outfit.


- Bionic vagina.
- Constant human temperature.
- EVO skeleton with double joints: more realistic joints.

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