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These are that sexy lady's legs who drive everyone crazy in the office when she walks around in her mini skirt, swaying her hips.

You can never take your eyes off those provocative legs. Those sexy movements, nylon stockings, high heels… You fantasize all the time imagining the magnificent upskirt view: pantyhose, lingerie, panties, a thong occasionally! And the "temple of love" waiting for you up there…

How many times have you imagined yourself with her in a motel, during a break or after work, caressing those irresistible legs, kissing her feet, worshipping them… Breaking those stockings with your own teeth! And afterward, making love to her frenetically?

Well, now, thanks to Artificial Companions, you can turn that fantasy into reality with these Office Legs that are constantly troubling your mind… and take them home for you to enjoy whenever you please. Don't hesitate!

They are made of TPE, food-grade quality; that means using the same raw components available in food. So, they are fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly, more flexible, realistic, and resistant, with an internal stainless-steel skeleton for support and enhanced realism. FDA, ROHS, REACH, and CE approved.

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