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Queen of the Silver Elves. The Silver Elves are original from Evania, the Forbidden City of the Elves, where other races, except elves and fairies, are not allowed. The city is beyond the Mountains of Desperation, and the Forgotten Lands, surrounded by dense ancient forests, ice caps, and frozen rivers. In Evania nights last 7 days, and days last only one day. Evania is under the protection of the Fairy Trinity and the Silver Army, the most fierce and brave army Ethernia has ever known.

At the beginning of the Second Age, Queen Evenia led the Silver Army in a coalition with all elves and humans to defend the world of Ethernia against the Shadows of the Night. It was then when she commanded the forge of Silverlight, her mythical magical sword which with she cut the arm of the Lord of the Shadows, helping Cadmus to kill him after he had brutally beheaded King Alvar, his father.

She is the Invoker of the Holy Army, Bearer of the Banner of Flames, and the only one who has killed three dragons in a lifetime, absorbing their souls and becoming Dovahkiin, Dragon-born, and therefore, gaining eternity. That is the reason for her eternal youth and strength.

She also killed Lord Elsewhyr, the Grand Master Vampire and father of Lady Macbeth, who using deception and lies and faking to be a human, gained the Queen's heart and access to Evania. He caused great sorrow and death, killing elves at night, drinking their blood, searching for the elixir of eternal life, and resistance to sunlight. That is the reason why all races are banned from Evania for eternity. She has never known carnal pleasures, remaining “Pure as Snow”, as her name indicates.

Queen Evenia is one of the tallest elves. She is known for her beauty, spectacular body, and luscious lips. Her eyes have the power of instant seduction and her charisma and wisdom know no equal in all Ethernia.

This product is offered in partnership with SE Doll, a well-known doll designer and manufacturer specialized in high-end products of superior TPE quality with an advanced internal EVO skeleton and tongue.

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Queen Evenia I

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