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Roseanne, also known as Rose, is a South Korean-New Zealand singer and dancer who lives in Seoul, South Korea.

Roseanne has a gorgeous body!! And for that reason, she constantly receives messages of love and appreciation from all her fans. Although she is pretty curvy, she still has that gap between her thighs, which is a rare and praised body feature in top models. Additionally, a fantastic cleavage, legs for days, and an ant-waist make the perfect combination to look incredible in any outfit she wears.

She dyed her hair copper-blonde from root to tip, which was a turning point in her visuals and singing career, a perfect contrast to her fair skin and the object of many compliments.

It has been said that she looks like an authentic full-size Korean Barbie doll (she gives us a sideways glance and a naughty smile when we mention it).

Roseanne spends 3-4 hours daily perfecting her dance moves and choreographic routines. On top of that, she still works out 2-3 hours more to get in shape and improve resistance. That is why not only she does keep her body skinny and healthy, but also strong, and looks quite taller than she is.

This South Korean sex doll has a silicone head with manually implanted hair in the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Her body is made of the highest quality TPE, medical-grade (CE and ROHS certified), with an internal stainless-steel skeleton that allows her to adopt any human posture.
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