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Sigfrid is the only human who has been able to defeat and kill a dragon in the Third Age. He is a direct descendant of the Steelhand dynasty from the Winterland Kingdom, far away on the Northernmost region of Ethernia, beyond the Lundren River and the White Mountains.

He received his sword, The Dragonslayer, as a gift from Queen Evenia from the Silver Elves from the Forbidden City of Avania after his people were decimated and massacred by Fernhir, the dragon. He could take revenge, but their fams and lands were burnt, and their cities and fortresses razed to the ground.

Now he roams the land as a warrior of fortune, killing monsters and helping those who may require his services. He likes to have sex with women, men, and nymphs and has frequently been seen drinking and participating in sex orgies.

Body made of high-quality TPE, medical-grade, CE certified. An internal stainless-steel skeleton supports the body and allows it to adopt any natural human posture. Oral and anal orifices. Penis to choose from two sizes: 10” (25 cm) and 6” (15 cm).
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