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This is the authorized replica of world-famous Lithuanian Porn Star Tina Kay, winner of the “Female Performer of the Year” award and many other contests in the adult industry.

Tina is a natural-born performer who first started posing as a fashion model when she was a teenager, progressed to glamour modeling, and soon was featured in both the American and German editions of Penthouse magazine. Her sultry glamour modeling shots soon attracted the attention of the adult industry, participating in more than 400 films.

“I'm a very free spirit. I do what I like. I do what I want. I please nobody; I please myself. And it’s proven that it works. I just carry on. I don't care what other people do. I don’t even follow them, you know, I don't even check what they are doing. I do me. I do what works for me and you should focus only on yourself. That's what I learned.”

Today Tina is not only an entertainer but also an independent entrepreneur woman,

“If it's personal, I like intense and really strong stuff, rough… a good connection, good energy. No limits. Freestyle. Very raw. It’s the best. So, I can just be wild.”

This realistic replica of Tina Kay has been created by 3D scanning her hot body for maximum accuracy. She has a soft silicone head that allows oral access with implanted hair on the scalp and a high-quality TPE body with standing feet and permanent makeup. Body Bundle: EVO articulated skeleton with shrugging shoulders allowing any human pose + gel-filled breasts + articulated fingers.

This is a Silicone Stars product, a manufacturer specializing in ultra-realistic replicas of porn stars.

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