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Are you ready to enjoy the time of your life filled with pleasure, laughter, fun, and excitement? Let Wei, from the beautiful island of Taiwan, fill you in. Her touch is magical.

Her name means “Power”. She will recharge your batteries, exposing you to all mentioned above,

This young Taiwanese is every man’s desire for an artificial companion because she has it all. She has a captivating smile, naughty eyes, perfect perky 32C breasts, and a sexy body. Wei is an outgoing, energetic, erotic girl with a charming character that will spice up and brighten your day. She is very receptive and submissive, always willing to excite you and please you with a remarkable happy ending.

Wei is the personification of beauty and class, sophisticated and educated. She is the perfect companion for anyone who has good taste and is looking for someone fresh and daring. You have many choices when she is around, and she will always leave you fully satisfied.

This realistic Taiwanese sex doll has a soft silicone head and a high-quality TPE body resulting from 3D-scanning the body of a real model. Her soft silicone head comes with a wig and permanent makeup (implanted hair is possible for a supplement). Her hyper-realistic mouth, with teeth and tongue, can be opened and closed, designed to provide oral pleasure. Her body is supported by an EVO articulated skeleton with shrugging shoulders that allows her any human pose. The surface of her body shows blood vessels and muscle lines. Her breasts are filled with jelly material to imitate human tissue and bouncing.

This is a ZELEX product, a manufacturer specializing in ultra-realistic replicas of human bodies for artificial companionship and entertainment.

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