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This doll was designed to honor the world-known singer and actress Madonna, one of the icons of pop culture since the decade of the 80s.

Here in these pictures, she resembles the years of the Blonde Ambition during the 90s with a fresh, juvenile style, like in an everyday outfit for a shopping day or simply going out for lunch.

Madonna’s fantastic body and beautiful sexy face have been the object of adoration by millions of fans around the globe. Her smile and incredible blue eyes have captivated the hearts of women and men alike.

With a perfectly toned figure, thanks to a highly disciplined lifestyle, yoga sessions, and dance routines, Madonna’s Italian roots and New York attitude mix in a perfectly balanced combination to create an explosion of talent, courage, and a lot of stubbornness.

Madonna is a special edition fruit of the cooperation of a team of experienced designers working with the most innovative technology applied to TPE. The material used resulted from a careful selection of raw materials available in nature to produce the elastomers, following a strict quality control system. It is FDA-compliant and free of phthalates and latex; 100% recyclable and safe for the environment and intimate use. An internal stainless-steel skeleton provides support and allows any human pose.

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