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The legend tells that Queen Moremi from Nigeria was so incredibly beautiful and brave that she freed her Yoruba tribe from oppression by sacrificing herself and using these attributes.

She allowed herself to be captured by their enemies, and using her beauty, seduced the enemy king, who made her his queen. This way, she discovered the secrets of the enemy army and their weakest points to reveal them to the Yoruba army, who defeated them forever.

Moremi is a courageous woman with strong leadership. She is has a voluptuous, muscular, and provocative body, with huge boobs, a gorgeous face, and long curly black hair. She likes wild sex, and she likes it rough.

Moremi is the fruit of an innovative R&D design, applying years of experience, the most advanced technology, and the best TPE quality, FDA compliant, free of phthalates and latex. The material results from a careful selection and a strict quality control system that blends raw materials available in nature. That makes it entirely safe for the environment and personal use (recyclable). An internal stainless-steel skeleton provides support and allows any human posture.
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