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Paula is a posh girl from a rich family who lives in Girona, Spain. She attends college in the morning to get her degree in Business Administration and works part-time in the evening in a family-owned luxury hotel that receives mainly corporate travelers.

Paula has always been used to a happy, spoiled life. Having to work is not what she has in mind for a living. Instead, she hopes to inherit all of her dad’s fortune and enterprises in a few years, take over the Board of Directors, make a couple of decisions here and there, and spend the rest of the day with her friends, throwing her money in yachting, fine restaurants, and parties.

Paula has a slim body to die for, sculpted from playing tennis and swimming all her life. Those are her preferred sports. She has sparkling, intense blue eyes, glossy full lips, and big, perky breasts that you want to kiss all night long. In bed, she is a freak; she likes all kinds of kinky stuff. She has no boundaries and is pretty experienced despite being only 20, as she has had many lovers and pretenders; nothing serious, only pretty young boys from other wealthy families, as she still has not known a real man who makes her tingle and wiggle.

This Spanish sex doll is entirely manufactured in silicone by XT Doll. She wears a wig. Her advanced skeleton with double joints and shrugging shoulders provides support and allows any human pose. Included: gel-filled breasts and realistic skin texture.

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