2023 Model castings: searching perfect bodies

2023 Model castings: searching perfect bodies

As our introduction says, today's customers and the market demand more realistic artificial companions than ever. It is not enough to offer feminine or masculine bodies that merely resemble human bodies. It is necessary to offer adult dolls that are hard to differentiate from real human bodies. And that is a big challenge.

Technology has allowed us to evolve from inflatable dolls to the last realistic series produced by Real Lady (Irontech Doll), Inspirational Series (Zelex), Super Realistic Body (Normon), Silicone Pro (SE Doll), or Silicone Stars Porn Star Series. Significant innovations in skin details, materials, density, heating systems, mechanical parts, realist mouths, skeletons, hair, and other singular cutting-edge additions make it very difficult to differentiate in a simple picture for the naked eye at a simple sight if it belongs to a person or a doll.

However, what truly makes the difference is the proportions. A realistic body to look real needs to be perfectly proportionate, and the best way to achieve this is to replicate a real human body because not even Michelangelo himself was able to create the perfect sculpture of a body without the aid and inspiration of a real model.

A real body serves the purpose of becoming the source material for creating the mold that will bring the artificial companion, regardless if for sexual purposes (sex doll) or simply a mannequin, to life. It will make sure that it will be "credible" showing a realistic ratio of bust - under bust – waist - hips, but also longitudes of arms and legs compared to height and head size. And the best technology today for a 1:1 scale exact replica, including all skin details, features, tones, imperfections, moles, freckles, wrinkles, and blood vessels, is 3D scanning in high resolution since the casket technique developed by Hollywood for prosthetics and special effects involves a too-long and tedious process for the model and does not produce the same level of detail.

With this goal in mind, at Artificial Companions, we work with real female models around the world to obtain source material that allows us to create more realistic replicas. 2023 has been a long but productive year and, as a result, this year 2024 hundreds of new, more realistic-than-ever products are seeing the light.

We hosted casting events in cities such as here in Miami, Madrid, Gothenburg, Hong Kong, Manila, New York, Los Angeles, and Moscow, working with local models to bring to life the adult dolls that you deserve.

NEW YORK, March 2023

This casting took place for one week in our studio in Manhattan. Models were required to be dressed in beige underwear for a more homogeneous comparison and contrast between their body features, to take measurements, and to take photo shoots. That week, temperatures plummeted in the Big Apple, and even with the heater at max, it was still freezing in the main room! However, the extraordinary atmosphere and great feeling between the models and our team heated the space to the point of creating nice friendships and bonds that last until today.

The results were terrific. We signed contracts with a few models for full-body dolls and body parts. There is one 3D scan studio in New York we work with regularly; very professional guys. They did some 3D scans, took pictures, and compiled materials to be sent to our Production Team and manufacturers to create the authentic replicas.

HONG KONG, April 2023

This casting was celebrated in Hong Honk, a trepidant city. The models came from all over China, mainly locals, from neighboring Shenzhen, and Shanghai. It lasted two weeks, and it was a very productive event since several representatives of our suppliers and factories could be present to discuss the new realistic products for the 2024 Asian Collection and select the ideal models to help us to create them.

Some girls were professional models, but others were simply dancers, students, store managers, caregivers, hotel receptionists, tourist guides, and moms.

It was also one of the funniest castings because of the girls' fantastic personalities and charisma. Two weeks also help more to build teamwork and create empathy among the participants. Two of the local girls even cooked some local traditional dishes for all of us, and we ate together as a big family.

MOSCOW, June 2023

Initially, we wanted to host this casting in Odesa, Ukraine, a city of spectacular women, like in previous years but we were recommended not to because of the war. So, instead, we decided to travel to Moscow since Russia is also home to some of the most beautiful women in the Western hemisphere.

We had to pre-select 100 candidates among more than 2,000 applicants. The process was really tough because we wanted to keep them all! Finally, we were able to reduce the group to 25 for the local in-person event, looking for some specific characteristics, body features, and facial traits.

Some of these girls are professional models; others work in professions that have nothing to do with fashion or modeling. However, they all were extremely patient and easy to work with. We had the opportunity to go out at night to explore the Muscovite nightlife and sign several contracts. All compiled graphic materials and data were sent to our Production Team which started working on the new dolls around October and whose results will be ready for the public in a few weeks.

Los Angeles, August 2023

Our Los Angeles modeling studio hosted a sensational, glamorous one-week event. We selected only ten models for this event, looking specifically for American models. However, those models were astonishing, gorgeous; professional lingerie and underwear models from two L.A modeling agencies with exceptional portfolios and very experienced. Each model was provided with luxury lingerie sets from La Perla and Agent Provocateur for the photo sessions and them to keep, specially ordered according to their sizes.

During five exhausting long sessions, Rocco, our experienced photographer, and his team took more than 10,000 high-resolution pictures from different angles, including naked pictures, from each model selected, that were sent to our labs and factories in China to support their designers, together with all detailed measurements, in producing the exclusive American sex dolls requested by Artificial Companions for our Caucasian Collection.

MIAMI, September 2023

And finally, Miami, our city, a great place to find diversity, thanks to being a cultural and ethnic melting pot and a crossroads for people from all over the world, with many local models always available for our molding and casting projects.

In Miami we work with 3D Chimera, a professional studio specializing in 3D scanning for the Madam Tussaud Wax Museum in London. Their direct involvement in our local projects is always a guarantee of success. The 2023 Miami casting event was big, with 72 models, and amazing selections for our 2024 Latin Collection.

Blessed with wonderful weather during that week and being locals, we could not let pass the opportunity to plan some extra outdoor activities, such as boat tours in Biscayne Bay, beach events, and fine dining outside. Our Managers and CEO joined us too.

We signed several contracts with some of the models, resulting in mutual cooperation on several projects, which resulted in 3D scanned data, HD pictures, measurements, and descriptions, that were sent to our Production Team and suppliers. Hopefully, we will see the first dolls this Spring in the form of hyper-realistic Latin dolls with Mexican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cuban-American, Argentinean, and Venezuelan traits.

Jeanette Garcia
Marketing Manager

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