Real Lady, evolution or revolution?

Real Lady, evolution or revolution?
Irontech Doll has always been known to be a sex doll designer and manufacturer that is focused on two aspects: realism and beauty. The unquestionable quality of their creations has granted them a world reputation difficult to match. Their dolls, male and female, show elements that you will not find in other brands, such as realistic body hair, proportions, and careful selection of details. For example, they implement ethnic traits that make sense, combining elements such as body types, hairstyles, eye colors, skin tones, and faces that correspond to elements possible in real life. On top of that, the photoshoots for their marketing are impressive; the images are like an extended portrait of the dolls, always portraying them with sex appeal but classy. They are all about the subject, showing their personality, showing the story, how they feel, and what they want. As their licensed distributors, we just need to follow the graphic story with words to describe the products and offer our customers a vision of what these adult dolls can do for them.

Irontech Doll’s female sex dolls, specifically, show elements that you do not see on other brands. They are carefully designed and crafted to look real but still keep a certain “doll” element that makes them part of a hobbyist market. Their silicone bodies are superb. Of course, silicone material allows more detail and, in terms of aspect, to add features that thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) do not allow, such as wrinkles, pores, moles, freckles, etc, but still, their TPE sex dolls look almost as real as their silicone sex dolls! Irontech Doll always tries to mimic real bodies because they believe, like us, that adult dolls are not just a toy, but their human aspect may assist in many other psychological aspects, filling gaps, such as solitude or depression, that not even real humans, with their problems, can. And they have taken this philosophy to the extreme of working exclusively to create artificial companions that provide not only physical satisfaction but also mental wellness.


That company philosophy and high standards of quality described above guided Irontech Doll to create a new product line and a new brand to market the new love dolls, and that is how Real Lady Sex Doll was born.

But it just was not born from usual corporate meetings and internal decisions. It was born from listening to customers, fans, followers, and distributors. We all believe that if sex dolls, also called love dolls, are going to evolve to look more realistic and provide the benefits of human companionship, without the hassles and negativity of human companionship, they must be conceived as artificial companions, this is like humanoids, and they must look as real as possible, as much human as possible.

So, Irontech Doll thought “What can possibly be nowadays the most distinctive factor that differentiates dolls from humans in terms of physical aspect?” And the result was unanimous. “The skin”. So, they developed a technology that makes their skin look more realistic than ever, taking the previous, already spectacular results from their main brand to a cell level. This means that, if you get close enough to the Real Lady’s sex dolls, you will realize that their skin looks like human skin, with different types of wrinkles, cells, texture, orientation, tones, moisture/dryness, or even blood vessels, depending on what part of the body you are looking to.

It was not only a matter of achieving a more natural aspect. Silicone, unlike TPE, is harder, but it is still used for intimate interaction, so that required a new softer material, perfect proportions to look exactly like human bodies, imitating their skin, bones, and flesh and, most importantly, still looking sexy but more inclusive. Real humans are not perfect; we, the people that surround us, are not perfect. We all have little imperfections that are what make us “humans”. And all that was put into place.


The results are obvious. The new sex dolls or "artificial companions", as we prefer to call them, look so realistic that they just need to move and talk. So, the big question is, is this a new step in that direction, an evolution, or is it something more, "a revolution”, meaning Irontech Doll is leading the way towards more realistic adult dolls and other manufacturers will soon follow that leadership? Is this going to change where the adult doll industry is going to?

The answer relies on the market. Public acceptance and successful sales will justify creating new models, more and more realistic. In our opinion, Irontech Doll faces a big challenge now: to design Real Lady heads that match the realism and beauty of the new Real Lady bodies. It is not going to be easy. But we at Artificial Companions are completely sure that the immense creativity, enormous talent, and wonderful skills of all the people who make Irontech Doll so unique will make it possible.

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