How to put a wig on a sex doll

How to put a wig on a sex doll
Wigs offer a colorful array of styling options for adult dolls and a wonderful addition to make them look attractive and feminine. However, placing them correctly may prove to be a little complicated task. In this article, we will share with you some tips, based on our long experience, in 6 easy steps to teach you how to put a wig on a doll properly and get the best result possible.

Whether you are a doll novice or an experienced enthusiast, the following guide will assist you in ensuring each wig application is effortless, enhancing the doll’s allure.

1. Preparing and checking: Begin by gently opening the wig’s packaging and carefully removing it. Before you start using it, it’s essential to examine the wig’s condition very carefully. Arrange the wig’s hair with gentle movements of your hand to ensure it is not entangled or there are any knots, preventing unnecessary further complications during the process.

2. Adjusting the stretch bands: Pay attention to the adjustable stretch bands within the wig’s inner network that will be in touch with the head. Adjust the clasps of these bands to the middle positions symmetrically, allowing minor displacements on both sides as needed and ensuring that they are completely flat.

3. Frontal alignment and back adjustment: Place the wig close to the doll’s forehead, finding the hairline position that looks more natural in reference to the eyebrows. After stabilizing the front section and securing it with one hand, slowly fit the wig’s back end onto the back of the doll’s head with the other hand, sliding it towards the neck until it reaches a natural secured position where it does not move. Try to keep the frontal part in a fixed position during this process.

4. Arranging the wig’s net: Once you’ve ensured the wig is in the desired position, carefully check both sides of the net to ensure that it covers and fits the entire head without any wrinkles, protrusions, or indentations. You can make minor adjustments, if necessary, but avoid pulling the wig forcefully at any cost to prevent damage. If the desired effect is still not achieved, it is better to remove the wig entirely and start from the beginning.

5. Checking the adjustment straps: Inspect the stretching bands thoroughly to ensure they are not loose or creating gaps. If the bands are too loose and causing the wig to come off easily, then remove the wig, as something is wrong, and re-adjust the stretch bands, repeating the process from point 1 and ensuring a snug fit of the bands against the doll’s head to guarantee a secure position that looks realistic.

6. Combing and finishing: Once you have completed the above steps and ensured the wig is secure in place, use gentle hand movements to help the hair fall naturally, helped by gravity, favoring the most natural appearance possible. Then comb the wig’s hair from the roots to the ends, from top to bottom, using preferably a detangler comb and a detangling spray and, securing the hair from the roots with the doll in an upright position, combing the hair in a smooth but firm movement.

You will see that once you repeat these simple steps a few times, you will get used to them, gaining experience and becoming more familiar with the process. It is not difficult to become an expert quickly.

Remember that small details make a huge difference. You will be able to create different looks depending on the occasion and the outfit, from charming to wild but always sexy. Your sex doll will seem to come to life and get different personalities through different hairstyles. Whether to simply stay in a standing-by position during the week or to play on a special occasion, she will look radiant and appealing.


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