Sex dolls are changing

Sex dolls are changing

Times change and our beautiful sex dolls change with them. New materials, better processes, improved designs… working closely with our suppliers, and listening to our customers allows us to keep improving and help us to achieve our ultimate goal: total realism.

Artificial Companions, also known as sex dolls or love dolls, are a growing sector, with increasing demand. Investment in new technology, constant personnel training, and researching new raw materials present in nature to test the elastomers’ properties is very necessary. But it is also necessary to adapt the results to the new tendencies and demands,

On one side we have customers looking for absolute realism. On the other hand, we have customers who want an approach to realism but still keeping that “doll” and fantasy element.

New technology and techniques to replicate a model’s body, refining the resulting software prior to 3D printing, and creating the master mold, allow us to get an extra step toward our goal to reach perfection, even perfection will never be possible, as there is nothing so perfect as a human body. More stylized bodies, better and different material densities to imitate human flesh, skin details, realistic eyes, natural hair, internal skeletons with a wider range of movements and poses… The list is endless, and each and one of those little details bring the sand grain toward the major goal.


In order to know what our customers desire, we are in constant touch with them, this is through social media or market research. Our customers can always approach our permanent SURVEY on this website and express how the Artificial Companions of their dreams would be. Following the main tendencies, we contact models and designers to achieve the results, and the variety of results, resulting from those efforts.


There is also a lot of improvement in biomechanical parts, such as bionic vaginas, hips, eyes, lips, and neck movement, talking, sounds, and even AI conversations. But also in joints, muscular support, and skeletal functions. Everybody in the industry is convinced, at this pace, in only a few years we will be able to produce artificial humans that will be very difficult to differentiate at simple sight from the real ones. This may be very beneficial for other fields, such as medicine, the automotive industry (crash testing), or cinema, only to name a few.

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