Why ebony sex dolls?

Why ebony sex dolls?
Black women are a symbol of strength and resilience, from historical African ancestry to today, wherever they may live. They are admired for their beauty, sensuality, and intelligence, and that makes them extremely desirable. And then that flawless, smooth, brown skin that makes them so attractive. The Ebony Sex Dolls section is a tribute and also a compilation of the best black sex dolls available on the market.

And why the term “ebony” and not “black”? While black is commonly used worldwide to define people with dark or brown skin, and not really black, after a lot of debate and consultation, we at Artificial Companions, decided to use “ebony” because it is an expensive and precious wood, seen as highly appreciated and desirable. Ebony is a compliment to describe a dark brown tone that is beautiful and smooth, like chocolate or caramel can have different tones.


#1 Meghan
The replica of a beautiful girl and a top seller. An angel face with expressive green eyes and a light brown skin tone, smooth lips, and body lines with soft, but perky 3C breasts. She looks like a real person, your girlfriend or the girl next door. Her mouth has teeth, and she really seems to be coming to life when she is in front of you.

#2 Destiny
Destiny is truly one of our most impressive creations. This ebony sex doll has dangerous curves in the right places with a light caramel skin tone, a smooth realistic texture, and an extraordinary body completion with massive round 32DD breasts. She brings that Caribbean flavor to our collection, so characteristic of the women of the tropical islands.

She is the only ebony sex doll resembling a black woman on the market with a silicone head with manually implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

#3 Tamara
Tamara is pure fire. Her body is perfect from every angle, conceived to truly represent an ebony goddess, aware of her power of attraction, but with an innocent look. She has a 5'4 (1,65 m) curvy body with double D’s, a unique coffee skin tone, and hyper-realistic last-generation brown eyes.

I personally felt my heart beating faster and my body shaking the first time I contemplated this piece of art only a few inches from me; top-quality TPE material with all sorts of detail, teeth, tongue, blood veins, polished nails, human temperature… she really looks like a real woman!

#4 Valerie
We are talking about 5’8” (1,75m) of pure bliss; the tallest ebony sex doll on the market. With a slim-fit statuesque body that reminds us of Whitney Houston in her prime days, when she released “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, or a sexy Brazilian mulata, like Valeria Valenssa, who was the symbol of Carnaval in the 90s.

Valerie was designed in cooperation with Irontech Dolls, built with high-quality medical-grade TPE and an advanced EVO skeleton, with teeth, tongue, and beautiful mid-sized breasts.

#5 Godiva
Godiva was the result of arduous investigations and tests. How can we replicate a black skin woman with the best possible accuracy? Texture, wrinkles, veins, pores, and imperfections that would make it more realistic, but also flesh and bones projecting what should be below the skin? And the result was this amazingly sexy ebony doll

#6 Cynthia
The body of an ebony goddess. Tall, slim, long legs… An irresistible body that will awaken your wildest dreams. Cynthia brings the fresh breeze of The Caribbean that will take you to a tropical paradise.

Just like Valerie, she is the tallest black sell doll on the market, designed in cooperation with our partners, Irontech Dolls; high-quality medical-grade TPE, EVO skeleton, teeth, tongue, and beautiful mid-sized breasts.

None of these dolls will disappoint you. We are talking of the best among the best. The best that technology, designers, artists, and experience can offer today.

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