Pubic hair for all tastes!

Pubic hair for all tastes!
Do you prefer young realistic vaginas, even vaginas that still haven't experienced the first man's taste? Do you prefer a black girl's vagina? Or do you simply prefer a "more experienced: woman's vagina? We have all kinds for you.

Let's talk now about the pubic area because when we contemplate the whole picture to evaluate its attractiveness, that area plays a major role. And sometimes, it can be a major turn-off!

Do you like your women to have "hairy" vaginas, or does a completely shaved and smooth vagina turn you on the most? Well, whatever your preferences are when it comes to your doll's pubic hair region is something that we make available to your liking.

Artificial Companions offers a wide selection of pubic hair colors and styles for you to choose from, so please make sure to let us know exactly what color, style, and length of pubic hair you desire for your sex doll.

Please note that each sex doll manufacturer applies the pubic hair differently; some glue it directly onto the doll, while others actually plug each hair into the doll for an extremely realistic look and feel. That last technique is called "implanted hair".

Another option for you to consider is having us send you a patch of artificial public hair that you can apply yourself, allowing you to compare and see how your doll looks and feels without any pubic hair and allow you to apply pubic hair if desired.

Many customers prefer no pubic hair because it makes the clean-up process shorter when you don't have to clean lubrication or bodily fluids out of the pubic hair. Also, most customers prefer the way their doll feels when there isn't any pubic hair to rub against.


If you want your sex doll to reflect that of today's modern woman, then you may want to take into consideration these pubic hair facts in order to help with your decision:

- 60 percent of all women remove 100% of their pubic hair to be completely bare and incredibly smooth.

- 75 percent of all women remove hair from the front and all around the bikini line regions.

- 55.6 percent of women remove their public hair because of sexual situations.

- 60 percent of men prefer their partners to be hairless in the pubic region.

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