A derriere for every type of "ass-man"

A derriere for every type of "ass-man"
From big fitness derrieres to toned fitness butts, and from girl next door butts to sexy gymnasts' asses, and everything else in-between, no matter what type of derriere makes you tremble with excitement, we at Artificial Companions will help you find the exact female sex doll that has the ass of your dreams connected to her torso!

As a matter of fact, have you already had sex with the big booty woman of your dreams? If you have, then consider yourself very lucky because most men live their entire lives unable to check off "have sex with the big booty woman of your dreams" from their bucket list, and this really makes us sad at Artificial Companions because we want everyone to have sex with the exact woman that they have ever wanted to have sex with!

We take pride in offering men exactly what they want, and if the "ASS" is the most important part of your sex doll selection process, then rest assured that we will cater to all of your ass-loving needs.

Our extensive Body Parts / Lower Bodies butt collection is the best you will ever find, regardless of if you are an ass-man who prefers a tight and toned ass on your lady (Fitness Butt) or a little more "cushion for the pushing" (Big Fitness Butt). 

For those men who prefer younger women between 18 to 24 years of age, we recommend you take a look at our Girl Next Door Butt, or even our Belly and Legs model.

Best of all, all of the anus' internal parts have been replicated from a real female with extreme accuracy to offer maximum realism making anal sex simulation as enjoyable, and lifelike, as possible.

Every Artificial Companion's ass is made of high-quality TPE, FDA compliant, free of phthalates and latex; the result of a careful selection and strict quality control system that blends fossil-based polymers derived from materials available in nature. That makes it entirely safe for personal use and environmentally friendly (recyclable).

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