Artificial companions in sex life

Artificial companions in sex life

There has been a stigma on sexual wellness devices for a long time, and people who owned sex toys just a few years back kept them a secret from their friends and lovers alike. But thanks to the Internet's global reach, more and more people are being educated on "self-love" and why sex toys are actually making people healthier and happier.

Before the Internet, people could only purchase sex toys at seedy-looking sex toy boutiques where no one ever wanted to be seen. But thanks to the Internet, men and women can now discreetly purchase any sex toy without anybody finding out.

Anything that was frowned upon 20 years ago, porn, for instance, has changed with the arrival of the Internet. Sex toys are launched into the mainstream where everyone is talking about them, and in effect, it has diluted the stigma associated with them.

Seriously, ask ten people what a realistic sex doll is, and at least eight of them, if not all of them, will know exactly what a realistic doll is.


The Internet has also allowed people to share their self-love experiences online in blogs and on social media platforms, which have allowed people to become educated more about the benefits that sex toys provide men, women, and couples alike.

It's up to those of us who are willing to share our experiences to say, "This male lifelike sex doll made my toes curl, my skin tingle, and my clit smile with pleasure as I rode the love doll's big silicone cock!" That's one of the reasons I try all kinds of sex toys, including male sex dolls, and I mean ALL kinds of sex toys for ALL of my holes, and share my experiences online. Not because I expect everyone to love the same sexual wellness devices that I enjoy masturbating with, but because I'm one voice among many sharing my insight. All to help anyone shopping for sex toys like vibrators, masturbation sleeves, and my favorite, sex dolls, have a better chance of finding something they enjoy.


Once the covid-19 pandemic hit, I started seeing more and more stories online about how sex toys are helping people survive the pandemic since they can't go out and date new people. I learned many things about sex toys, especially sex dolls like the ones sold at Artificial Companions, that I never knew before. And I urge everyone reading this also to share their sex toy experiences as well because taking care of yourself through self-love is nothing to be ashamed of and, instead, should be embraced!


For some reason, everyone thinks that the best sex toys are strictly female-oriented products. In fact, whenever I have conversations with my friends about sex toys, most of them think that only women use them to get themselves off and, honestly, nothing could be further from the truth because there are just as many sex toys for men as there are for women. In addition, there is also a wide variety of sex toys for couples to use together.

Sex toys are mainly used to "get you off", but believe it or not, sex toys, especially sex dolls, also have many benefits for women, men, and couples that everyone should be aware of.


#1 Everyone gets to have an orgasm!
You don't have to worry about giving or receiving an amazing orgasm… The sex toy guarantees climax for everybody, so the guy can focus on just enjoying sex without having to worry about doing a great job.

#2 Sex toys help make relationships stronger & fantasies come to life!
Variety is the key to maintaining desire and passion in long-term relationships. Without sex toys, intimacy with your partner will become repetitive and lead to boring sex lives. Boring sex life can affect your mental well-being, and sex toys will only add positive effects to relationships. A sex doll is an excellent way of introducing a couple to threesomes without involving a real-life participant. A wife can watch her husband pound away on a sex doll and not worry about getting jealous, and the wife can stack a male sex doll on top of her body and enjoy a new sexual partner without having to worry about hurting his feelings!


If you have never gone online with your significant other to check out sex toys, then you really need to call him or her to see our website.

There is so much fun in just checking out our sex dolls with your partner, as there can be in exploring or dreaming of new ways to explore sex together.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spice up things in the bedroom. You just need a helping hand, and Artificial Companions is here to help, bringing you and your partner closer together in fun, healthy, and playful ways.


#1 Sex toys won't leave you with a baby 9 months down the road!
If you're worried about getting pregnant but still want to have an orgasm, then sex toys, such as a male sex doll from Artificial Companions, are a girl's best friend for sure!

#2 Sex toys can't give you an std!
The thought of getting an STD is something that all women think about when sleeping with a new partner, but a male sex doll will never give you an STD!

#3 Say goodbye to those painful menstrual cramps!
Look, I am telling you from my experience. I hate when I have my period, mainly due to the intense and very painful cramps that come with every period, and that's why I always use a vibrator when I'm on period because orgasms really do relieve cramp pains.

Also, when I'm on my period, I don't want to have sex with a man but still want to have an orgasm, and Artificial Companion's male sex dolls don't care about a little bit of blood.

#4 Sex toys reduce stress for women!
Life can be extremely stressful and using a sex toy can really take your mind to a pleasant place that leads to fantastic orgasms, which in turn will reduce any stress you may have.


Women are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality and embracing the introduction of male sex dolls into the bedroom & experimenting with them. Artificial Companions has everything a woman needs to cure her appetite for amazing orgasms with their stunning selection of well-endowed male sex dolls for women.


#1 Sex dolls help men last longer while having sex!
You are in control. Male masturbation devices, such as Artificial Companion's realistic sex dolls, allow men to "train" for sex. The more sex you have, the longer you last, and men who own sex dolls tend to last longer when having real sex than their male counterparts that do not own sex dolls.

#2 Sex dolls may reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men!
Stimulation of the prostate can offer a number of health and pleasure-giving benefits. The prostate, described by some as the male equivalent of a woman's G-spot, is a walnut-sized semen storage gland located at the base of the penis, just below the bladder. It can be stimulated both externally through pressure against the perineum and internally through the rectum. Anal stimulation is more direct and intense and produces better results.

When ignored, semen can build up within the prostate, creating stagnation and bacterial growth, which can cause swelling and inflammation (prostatitis). An enlarged prostate can cause urinary and erectile problems, both distressing and uncomfortable, disrupting sleep and sexual function.

Regular prostate massage can relax tension and stress in the muscles and nerve endings in the prostate area.

When the prostate is massaged, a man can experience extremely powerful, long-lasting, often multiple orgasms and intense ejaculation. A prostate orgasm also flushes out any stagnant prostate fluid, which can cause swelling of the prostate, thus avoiding the need for surgery.

Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and genital pain by improving blood circulation and cleansing the prostate


Artificial Companions has a large variety of sex dolls for men to choose from. From MILF sex dolls to 20-year-old college babe sex dolls and even male dolls. Artificial Companions' have something for every type of man, no matter how kinky or conservative he may be.

Their collection of sex dolls for men has been put together with men's needs in mind…so no matter how you want to play with your wiener, Artificial Companions has the exact type of sex doll you've been craving to stick your penis in!

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