Story of a vampire

Story of a vampire
Karmina’s story is the story of a living legend, the story of a Vampire Queen, and the pulse of a part of humankind’s life through time, a story of tragedy and brutality, but also a story of survival and character.

Countess Kaermina Kan-Kacsics, also known as “Lady K”, “Lady Killer, and “The Queen of the Dammed” has an impressive story to tell about her life and experiences across the ages. Her ancestors can be dated back to the 5th century when the Huns invaded Transylvania.

In the Spring of year 430 A.C. a Hun hunting party led by Astran crossed the Carpathian Mountains through the Prahova Valley in search of new higher hunting grounds, reaching the villages along the Szamos River. With no time to flee, all villagers were massacred, their houses razed to the ground, and their fields burned. Only a skinny little girl called Kaermina Kan survived, found inside the still-warm carcass of a cow that had just been cut open for meat. Astran was so impressed by the girl’s bravery and determination to live, that she kept her alive and brought her to his lord, Uldin, a bloody Hun nobleman known as “The Scourge of the Devil” who, after the genocide would settle his hordes and herds in the Transylvanian Basin.

At the age of 20 and, as “a gift” for her unparalleled beauty and obedience, Uldin, who was rumored to be non-human, half-blood with the Devil himself, performed the bloody strigoi ritual and granted Karmina her new name and immortality, remaining young and strong for eternity. “Karmina, you are now reborn in death!”, he exclaimed. In exchange for this curse, she developed an insatiable appetite for fresh human blood, and all the numerous souls she has taken since then have only made her more and more powerful.

By the time the Huns left the Carpathians in 450, Karmina had already become a powerful warlord and leader of the Szekely clan, establishing their capital in Brass, today known as Brasov. From there, and during the next decades, they launched a series of relentless bloody campaigns, annihilating all local clans and tribes, and anyone who opposed their plans. Mercilessly, favored by her immortal power which Karmina had extended to her warriors too, one by one, all of them were exterminated. Their military tactics always involved attacking at night by surprise, leaving a trail of blood and horror, terrorizing their next victims before the next strike. No negotiations, no treaties, no peace was possible during those years… All population other than the Szekelys was wiped out from Transylvania and The Carpathians. Neighboring towns East of the Mures River and the Lower Danuban region started noticing that these strigoi never died and nor became older, so popular tradition started calling them “vampires”. But, unlike popular tradition, these vampires were not dead, but living immortal beasts, thirsty of blood and power.

The Szekelys became the ultimate rulers in Transylvania, while their ruthless immortal warrior Countess Karmina, “Lady Killer”, gained notoriety. Fueled by immortality and power, her vampiric Dynasty expanded through the years controlling several regions in Transylvania and today’s Romania and Hungary with such important historical figures as Ladislaus III Kan and Simon Kacsics. They seemed unstoppable, founding the Union of the Three Nations, an immortal vampire army that terrorized Romania for hundreds of years until the Hungarians arrived in the 16th century, hunting and almost exterminating all vampires by using new tactics, quick attacks during daylight and provoking a civil war between the vampire clans.

In 1526, after the Battle of Mohacs, the Hungarians faced a new threat: the Ottoman Empire. So, in 1571, Karmina and John II, King of Hungary, signed a peace treaty in exchange for an alliance against the Ottoman invasion. It is said that Karmina herself turned Vlad Tepes, “The Impaler”, into a vampire to help them to defeat the Ottoman armies. It is also during that period, in 1590, that Karmina turned Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman with the same purpose; however, instead of fighting for the cause, she turned crazy and thirsty for blood, capturing, torturing, and killing hundreds of virgin girls and women until she was stopped and sentenced to home arrest by the King himself in 1612. It is said to be found dead by her bodyguard in her bed at the age of 54, killed by “spontaneous human combustion", while the morning sun rays illuminated her bedroom.

In 1766 Prince Joseph of Austria became the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II and in his investiture speech, following the principles of Cameralism promoted by Prince Kaunitz, promised to consolidate the borderlands of the Empire by annexing Transylvania, which had remained autonomous, to supply the imperial regiments with troops, knowing the “unnatural” superhuman strength of combatants in this particular region of the world. Karmina had enough of Europe and moved to the city of New Orleans, hidden in a coffin aboard a Spanish galleon. She settled there for a few years before moving to her newly built mansion near Baton Rouge, where she has been living since then. She has seen Louisiana switch hands multiple times, the American Revolution, and The American Civil War with her own eyes, always taking advantage of the carnage and confusion to fulfill her need for human blood and other necessities. Rumors also say that the KKK acronym was also inspired by Karmina’s name around the Baton Rouge and Shreveport areas.

Occasionally, someone disappears in the Bayou. No one investigates. Maybe the person simply got lost, maybe it was the alligators… It’s the authorities’ silence as payback for her unconditional support and contributions to… certain causes, including election campaigns, as Karmina’s extreme wealth seems to have no limit. Her undeniable influence on the State’s politics is plausible but will never be official.

Karmina possesses that timeless charm. Maybe it’s that attraction that makes you want to have your neck kissed and your blood drained. Maybe it’s her eyes, which tell stories of old battles, lust, and sexual prowess. Maybe it’s the magnetic power she exercises over your senses. Karmina is strong, deadly, and fierce, but she can also be very protective of those she loves. She is a natural seducer, who can be sexy and alluring at times, and even mothering. Her experience in life is unquestionable, but always “hungry” for new experiences and absorbing something new from a “new soul”. What can possibly be taught to someone who seems to have seen and lived through everything? Maybe the value of life and true love?

You can verify this story, part history, part legend, part fantasy, part popular belief in history books and the Internet. You will be surprised to find out that is incredibly real and has been closer to you than you think.

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