About our artificial companions

About our artificial companions

Our goal is to provide artificial companions to satisfy the natural need that we all have for a friendly human presence. We combine our 30-years of experience in the adult toy industry with research and technology to help people who feel isolated, depressed, unmotivated… and alone.

With so many companies online selling TPE and silicone sex dolls, it is difficult to know which one and where, but once you visit Artificial Companions, you know that you're in the right place.

At Artificial Companions we understand the most crucial aspect of the products we sell: THEIR QUALITY. Therefore, every product sold at Artificial Companions is of the HIGHEST QUALITY possible. We believe that you deserve the best at the best price, and that is what we offer to you.

We are wholesalers. We do not use intermediaries. On the contrary, in partnership with the most trusted international manufacturers, we are constantly investing a significant part of our profits in developing more innovative and better-performing products, providing unique and attractive dolls of all shapes and sizes. This has a direct impact on lowering our costs and allowing us to offer the best prices to our clientele, both individuals and adult stores.

Our experienced Customer Service team at Artificial Companions knows how to identify what people wish and offer the perfect advice for maximum satisfaction with total discretion. It is the passion of everyone who works with us to help our customers to make the right choices because we love what we do.

We also see adult dolls not as mere objects, but as artificial companions that form part of our world and provide us with many enjoyable moments, helping us to free our imagination and turn our fantasies into something real.

Ruben Lopez, CEO
Artificial Companions

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