Men who have sex with artificial companions live longer!

Men who have sex with artificial companions live longer!

I might be a girl and all, but unlike most females I know, I’m not ashamed to admit that I masturbate, and not just a little; I mean, I climax every single day with the help of my trusty selection of VERY fun and EXTREMELY entertaining sex toys such as vibrators or sex machines. Even on the days that I have sex, I still use one of my sex toys to help get me off.

And although masturbating makes me feel wonderful, if I were a man, I’d be masturbating every single hour of every single day because of ALL the benefits that ejaculating provides men!

The ONLY obstacle that men have to overcome with masturbating is boredom. What I mean by this is that men have to use their hands to stroke themselves, which makes “jerking off” more of a daily task than something extremely fun that they should be looking forward to. So if you’re a man who cannot blow massive loads with just your hands, then continue reading because here you will learn how Artificial Companions makes masturbating for men more fun than ever!


If you’re a man, then everyone already knows that you masturbate, so why don’t you embrace it and let the world know that you LOVE jerking yourself off? Well, that might get you arrested depending on where you scream, “I LOVE JERKING OFF!!” but all men really should embrace masturbation because it really is quite beneficial to your overall health!


#1 Male Masturbation Benefit – Lowers Risks of Prostate Cancer
I may not be a doctor, but I do know how to use BING. Yes, I prefer BING over google, and from what I discovered through my searches, the more man ejaculates, the less risk he has of being diagnosed with prostate cancer!

So why go on a 5K Cancer Run to battle this disease when all you have to do is a 5 Minute Jerk Sesh!

#2 Male Masturbation Benefit – Fights off the need for Viagra
The more you masturbate, the harder your penis will be for the rest of your life, guys! So yes, the majority of men that masturbate daily in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s won’t have to worry about filling Viagra prescriptions in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s! This is because masturbating works out your pelvic floor muscles, and the stronger your pelvic floor muscles are, the less likely you’ll suffer from erectile dysfunction!

#3 Male Masturbation Benefit – Boosts Immune System
Want to boost your immune system so that you won’t have to worry about contracting COVID, the flu, or any number of illnesses…then all you have to do is masturbate on a daily basis!

Ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which also boosts the immune system in men!

#4 Male Masturbation Benefit – Blasting loads at night makes you sleep better
Instead of counting sheep to help you sleep, guys, just count the number of strokes it takes to make you pop your load!

If you really want to get the best rest you can at night, then rubbing one out before your head hits the pillow is all you’ll ever need to do!

#5 Male Masturbation Benefit – Makes men live longer
Men who ejaculate at least twice per week live longer than their male counterparts who only cum once per week! Why is this information not on FOX News, CNN, or MSNBC! Men need to know this!

#6 Male Masturbation Benefit – Blowing sperms makes your skin better
If your skin isn’t looking that great, don’t just get up and run to your doctor asking for some prescription creams… Instead, you should run to your local CVS and get a tube of lotion and some wet wipes to masturbate with!

The male orgasm causes increased blood flow to the skin, which makes your blood vessels open up; for some people, this can result in slightly rosy cheeks, or what’s better known as the post-sex glow.

#7 Male Masturbation Benefit – Puts men in a happy mood overall
If you’re feeling sad, instead reach for a beer or a joint to make you feel better, just reach into your pants, pull out your wiener, and start playing with it until you ejaculate!

When a man ejaculates, he releases a slew of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain.

#8 Male Masturbation Benefit – Makes you last longer during sex with others
Of all the benefits that masturbation and ejaculation provide men, this is my favorite because I LOVE having sex with a man for as long as possible!

Just consider masturbating as a form of “Sex Exercise”!


Masturbating with your own hands and fingers does get kind of lame after a while. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I achieved an orgasm with just my fingers, and the people that run and operate Artificial Companions know this more than anyone else and have done something about it!

Yes, if you’re a man reading this and you still didn’t get your artificial companion, then browse their website, and get yourself one of their realistic-looking sex dolls! Trust me; you may actually love banging a sex doll more than banging an actual human if you really gave it a shot!


Not sure which Artificial Companion you want to stick your penis in to help you get off? Once you visit, you may have a difficult time choosing which realistic-looking sex doll to order because of ALL the amazing sex doll options they have in their selection of love doll companions… So in order to help you narrow down your list of options, I’d love to share my TOP 3 favorite Artificial Companions with you listed below….


If you’re going to get yourself a sex doll, then why not get yourself an Artificial Companion that represents the woman of your fantasies, and Queen Ishtar will be that woman for you!

Queen Ishtar might be blue and have elf ears, but her big plump tits and round juicy ass will make you forget about wanting to have sex with a real woman ever again!

Queen Ishtar is made of the highest quality TPE material, developed after years of research, perfectly safe for human use, highly durable, and very similar to human flesh in softness and firmness. A metal skeleton provides support and the ability to adopt any human posture. Female genitalia replicated with realistic textures and rugosities of vaginal and anal canals.


If you REALLY want to have sex with the woman of your dreams, then Monika is the sex doll you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Monika isn't just any ordinary sex doll; she’s a blonde bombshell MILF that has huge boobs perfect for sliding your cock between, and a fat round ass that craves hot anal fucking! Yes, Monika loves having anal sex just as much as she loves sucking on a cock until it explodes in her mouth!

Sex doll Monika has a silicone head with a wig and manually implanted hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes. Her body is made of high-grade TPE material combined with an EVO skeleton, the most advanced internal support system for dolls and humanoids, with a full realistic articulation of all joints, including fingers. LCTech certified.


If the woman of your dreams is a gorgeous Playboy magazine model, then Jess is the exact sex doll you’ve been waiting for!

Jesse has big tits and a bigger ass to match! What men love most about Jesse is her positive attitude toward sex because not only does she enjoy vanilla sex like missionary positions, but she also loves getting on her hands and knees to take a dick up her tight asshole while having her hair pulled all the way back…and just about when you’re ready to cum, Jesse will turn around so you can ejaculate all over her face and perfect TPE tits!


#1 – Enjoy longer orgasms!
Men who fuck artificial companions not only enjoy powerful orgasms, but each orgasm lasts longer, which means that the euphoric feeling we all desire will be more intense than ever before!

Why? Because sex dolls allow men to continue letting their imaginations run wild the moment they climax without worrying about blasting their loads into a tissue… or a sock, or wherever dudes like to paste their cream.

#2 – Experience better orgasm control!
Artificial Companions allow you fellas to control your orgasms with ”edging” techniques, allowing you to pleasure yourself longer! Sex dolls allow men to switch up positions throughout their masturbation process. So, if you cum faster while having sex in the doggy position, then throw your sex doll over into the missionary position to slow down your ejaculation, and then back into doggy-style when you’re ready to blow your load!

#3 – Fun masturbation experiences!
Artificial Companions want to make masturbating fun for all of you men out there, and their selection of sex dolls is among the BEST and more RESPECTED around! Once you see their selection of love dolls, you’ll understand why they’ve been in the sex doll business for over 30 years!


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