Why an artificial companion

Why an artificial companion

So why an artificial companion? Well, the answer is simple: we humans need company.

Sometimes it is not a matter of choice but how far we have come as a society. Our daily routines, social norms, competitivity, advertising, and even laws promote social isolation. All this is sometimes the cause of violence, aggressiveness, and selfishness.

Today, despite technology, we have more people than ever socially isolated. Some are almost entirely dedicated to work, others secluded at home or focused on specific tasks. Loneliness and feelings like the sensation of not belonging anywhere, or being forgotten, rejected, outcast, mentally disoriented, stressed out… are pretty common. Many of these symptoms turn into social phobia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses.


An artificial companion is a representation of the ideal companion. Many people do not have that special someone in their lives. They may have a few family members or friends but do not feel connected to them, and when at home, they feel the sting of loneliness.

An artificial companion is not a substitute but an archetype in terms of physical taste and roles. It is created by an artificial process but possesses many of a real human being's attributes, like the shape, to start with. It fills the emptiness; it helps you feel that you are not alone.

An artificial companion adjusts itself to your routines and preferences and never presents some of the inconveniences that we find so irritating in humans, such as arguments, noises, odors, expenses, infidelity, etc. The list is pretty long.

An artificial companion may offer conversation, genuine, honest conversation, as they do not know malice or hard feelings. They help to provide comfort, a positive attitude, or courage. They help us remember things, dates, or events. Even though interaction may be based on complicated algorithms or pre-configured elements, there is still a big room for surprise and gratifying moments, combined with a learning curve that improves with time and frequent interaction.

We are not talking about a distant future or a sci-fiction movie. This is possible now, today. The technology is here, and Artificial Companions puts it in your hands. 

I have seen so many people showing true adoration for their cars, motorcycles, or jewels. Then, why not for your artificial companion, truly attached to you and your personality? It resembles your ideal version of a human companion realistically, without imperfections.

I receive letters and messages every day from people around the world telling me how a personal companion has saved them from depression, sometimes after a terrible accident, or improved their sexual lives. Artificial Companions helps many people deal with a lack of confidence or social phobia every day since they can "practice" their social skills with "someone" who resembles a real person but will not judge them.

"The ideal companion is a personal companion that becomes the perfect companion." 

When a real person or human companionship is not possible, an artificial companion may fill the void. Make your choice.

Ruben Lopez, CEO
Artificial Companions

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